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A brand that aspires to make you reflect your supreme standards…

Actualize your fancies and get stylish with your personal stylist!

I will help you uncover a Ravishing Avatar! Fulfill your desire of looking at your best with Greet’s, where applying the unique acumen they attempt to get you at your best level of style in clothing.

Whether you are struggling from poor self-esteem or desire to look like the celebrities in fashion magazines, me as a stylist know the trick to get you there in your assigned budget and resources.

Do you feel as you lost your identity?

> Time for a fresh start?
> Ready for a new chapter?
> Keen for a new beginning?

Time for a complete overhaul!

Become more self-confident!

Personal Styling For Women

Know exactly what to choose and how to look.

In other words, create your own personal brand that stands out from the crowd and reflects precisely what qualities you represent, who you want to work for, and what your values are.


Nothing is more rewarding than helping people to achieve their real authentic sense of style.

Become the confident you in both work, and home life.

It will elevate your presence; you will become so much more confident.
Take Sharon for example, who got two new high paying clients the moment she started to stand out with her own particular style. Everyone compliments her, and she’s gone from strength to strength.

Ready for an extraordinary transformation!

The power of a personal brand is so much more than just clothing or style.

It’s all about confidence and attracting the right people to your brand.

You will attract your tribe, the people you connect and resonate with, along with the people you really like to hang out with.


You will become more confident doing photo shoots and being on the front cover of your book, whilst appearing in magazines or speaking at engagements.

This is the power you receive when you honestly connect with your authentic personal style.
Are you wondering why?

When you feel confident in your new clothes, you become strong. This will reflect in the way you behave.

You will leave the old beliefs and limitations behind and will thrive in your new-found beginnings. This will give you the power to change your life.

An internal transformation like this will take you mentally and physically to the next level.

You can do all the personal development in the world, but will only start believing in yourself when you look in the mirror and like what you see.

Your view on the world will change, the way you think will change, and you will have the determination to achieve what you set out. In other words, you will have the fire in your belly back!

Personal Styling For Women

This course is designed for serviced based business owners who are ready to fall in love with their wardrobe again.

Having lots of outfits that work together for every occasion will help your lifestyle, support your decision making and will save you so much time and money. All while looking your best!

How I work with you…


Step 1


Wardrobe Declutter

Edit and organise your current wardrobe and create space for your new outfits.


Step 2


Your Transformation

Learn what colors suit you,
and what color palette to choose for your wardrobe.


Step 3


Complete Overhaul

Learn what clothes to choose and how to combine them together in your unique and personal style.


Step 4


VIP Shopping Session

Create a wardrobe full of your personal and comfortable styles which will make you look at your best all the time.

When you finish the course, you will know:

  1. What clothes suit your personality and your shape
  2. Have the confidence to wear your style in all different settings
  3. How to create your own specific style
  4. How to create the perfect combinations
  5. Know how to spend less and have more combinations
  6. Know what the best shops are for your particular style
  7. Know how to present yourself on- and offline
Ruth Oliver
Greet took me through a process that not only enabled me to define my branding but gave me enormous insight into exactly what my message is and how I want to be seen by my ideal client. Greet has put a huge amount of thought and creativity into the process she uses to bring out everything she needs to know about you and your business in order to nail your brand. I can highly recommend Greet, she is kind, generous and extremely talented.
Ruth Oliver
Founder, Ruth Oliver Wellbeing
Tania Jerling

Greet really knows her stuff!

She has a wealth of experience and depth in the field of personal branding and shares her knowledge generously to reach an end result.

Tania Jerling
CSO, MarkTwo Consulting
Vanessa Jarrett

What can I say about the fabulous Greet, apart from being a wonderful person, funny, intelligent, kind and enthusiastic, Greet is amazing at what she does.

Greets vast knowledge of the world of branding from working with some of the best branding agencies in the world gives her the tools to show you how to stand out from the crowd and in today’s overpopulated business market if we can stand out from the crowd the sky’s the limit.

Greet has the ability to connect with you, your vision, your personality helping to build the best You for your business! I highly recommend Greet.

Vanessa Jarrett
Director, Balanced Bookkeeping
Amanda Pulford

Love Greet!  Her knowledge of personal branding is next level. If you are an executive, business owner, or emerging leader, I highly recommend talking to her about how she can help you to create a positive and lasting impression in your space.

Amanda Pulford
Bec Lawson

Greet is super knowledgeable and helpful. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients have their personal brand identity placed perfectly for their market and their needs and will do whatever it takes to get you there.

I highly recommend her and her program, you won’t regret the investment in your business.

Bec Lawson
Owner, Tailored Space Interiors

Ready For Your Transformation?

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Why Work With Greet?

Find who you really are and have us cheer you on!
We always go the extra mile, be ready to be pampered!
Know who you are and create a personality with a purpose.

Whatever life throws at you, we will make sure that you are ready to take on the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I need a stylist? Which indicators depict a need for one?

Well! if you often face a dilemma while choosing your clothes, chances are that there is a need to fix the style and preference in your head to raise the bar of your confidence.

Commonly, when you find yourself admiring other people’s style acumen while belittling yours or perhaps wonder to be in a better place than you are currently at, this indicates a need to refresh your style-meter that you can do with the help of our personal stylist for women.

In other words, If you hear a shaky voice within you while browsing through the online stores or otherwise, then it’s a great reminder for you to take note of the fact that you require the assistance of an experienced stylist. A stylist to guide your style towards perfection and beyond!

Q2. What if my budget collides with my style needs?

Our stylists are highly trained and experienced professionals who have mastered the art of finding the best dresses and outfits suiting your budget! We cater our clients with the best possible solutions in the given budget and resources!

Otherwise, it would have been the easiest thing to copy celebrity looks buying expensive outfits and accessories just like theirs!

Q3. What are the good reasons to hire a personal stylist? (How would you like to market yourself or tell us that you are more than needed ;))

Good Question! Perhaps the most important one!

Well, there are a great number of reasons for you to have us on your side!
Check out the listed ones to find a few:

  • You are stuck in a vicious cycle of buying the same or perhaps similar stuff over and over again
  • An important interview is lined up, and you seriously need a piece of expert advice on clothing
  • You own an enterprise and want your clothing to be at the same pedestal as you are currently floating at
  • You find it difficult to invest in the area of your style and want someone to assist you on this
  • You are experiencing major shifts in your body type that you are clueless about and need some serious style advice to gain back your lost confidence
  • You are traversing through the tunnel of pregnancy and need some assistance to gracefully and confidently make though it without losing your style.
  • You are covered in odd categories of weight and find yourself stuck in the rut of low self-esteem

These reasons count enough for me to steer the wheel of your grooming and put you on the best path of styling.

Q4. What are your expectations from your clients and where you choose to shop from?

Well, It’s a job of getting you out from your cocoon which clearly demands your participation and cooperation. To get closer to the miraculous transformation, you must embrace the different styles and clothes that I have to recommend.

I would list out the stores and websites that they think carries the potential of serving you with the best-style clothes and accessories. 

One thing to specify is that I do not have any tie-ups or collaborations with any of the listed places. In fact, It would be a matter of pure opinion based on my extensive research and discernment.

The whole exercise of decluttering your wardrobe and make it new would be fructified with the mutual efforts of me and my clients.

So, there is no need for you to fret, just hand over the concern of your low self-esteem stemming out from your sketchy style of clothing and I will swap it with the brand-new streak of confidence.