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What Is Your Personal Style IQ?

Do you struggle every day to choose and combine the right clothing?

Get over this hurdle and pick the best clothing for every event! A personal stylist will boost your confidence multifold by guiding you straight to the style!

Do you know how important your personal brand is?

You should. Let me tell you why…


Increase your personal brand and value

  • Never feel hesitant and under-confident again
  • Wear the right clothes on every occasion
  • Wear the right clothes for you, every time
  • Bypass the fads: but only what works for you
  • Blink to choose the clothes from your wardrobe
  • Feel confident every time you step out

Take a step forward to declutter your wardrobe while your personal stylist wave the magic wand to style your being!

Do You Feel This Way?

I have a wardrobe full of clothes but it frustrates me not knowing what to wear!

I wish I had someone to tell what looks good on me!

I don’t know how to change my style!

I wish I knew where to shop from!

Drop it all at once with a Stylist of Studied Elegance! I make sure to add value to your being while identifying your existing strengths and working on them to bring out the abiding shine from your personality.

Brighten your personality with a personal stylist in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Personal Styling For Women

Personal Styling For Women

How to build more confidence in what to wear whatever the occasion.

  • Not sure how to dress complementing your body shape?
  • Don’t know how to combine your clothes?
  • Confused about choosing the colours?
  • Not sure how to dress for your personality or age?
  • Feel as your clothes are not suiting your skin tones?
  • Want to stand out while looking young and stylish?
  • Don’t know where and what to buy?
  • How to spend less time and money but have more to wear?

If so, mark its solution from a resourceful stylist to build lasting confidence in your personality!

Personal Styling

Personal Styling For Men

Do you hear a voice inside your head asking similar questions?

  • What clothing will best express my authentic self?
  • What accessories do I need to put to add substance to my personality?
  • How do I know what style suits me the best?
  • Where should I start from to enhance my clothing style?
  • Where do I shop from? 

And so on! The simple solution to the never-ending yet significant chain of thoughts is to hire a specialist style mentor and follow the simple directives to taste your best flavor.

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How I work with you…

REFRESH Wardrobe Declutter

Step 1


Wardrobe Declutter

Edit and organise your current wardrobe and create space for your new outfits.

RENEW Your Transformation

Step 2


Your Transformation

Learn what colours suit you,
and what colour palette to choose
for your wardrobe.

REVIVE Complete Overhaul

Step 3


Complete Overhaul

Learn what clothes to choose and how to combine them together in your unique and personal style.

REBRAND VIP Shopping Session

Step 4


VIP Shopping Session

Create a wardrobe full of your personal and comfortable styles which will make you look at your best all the time.

Why Work With Greet?

Find who you really are and have us cheer you on!
We always go the extra mile, be ready to be pampered!
Know who you are and create a personality with a purpose.

Whatever life throws at you, we will make sure that you are ready to take on the world!

Success Stories

Stephen Pollard
Stephen Pollard
Owner, Oasis Financial Planning

Greet has inspired me to work and run my business the way I feel comfortable with. Personal brand identity has improved my work satisfaction and performance.

Thanks, Greet. Looking forward to doing more with you.

Tania Jerling
Tania Jerling
CSO, MarkTwo Consulting

Greet really knows her stuff!

She has a wealth of experience and depth in the field of personal branding and shares her knowledge generously to reach an end result.

Bec Lawson
Bec Lawson
Owner, Tailored Space Interiors

Greet is super knowledgeable and helpful. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients have their personal brand identity placed perfectly for their market and their needs and will do whatever it takes to get you there.

I highly recommend her and her program, you won’t regret the investment in your business.

About Greet Recoulès

In Greet’s work as a personal brand strategist. Who has worked in personal branding and style development for over 25 years.

It upsetting to learn 90% of the people she worked with didn’t like how their personal style is reflected in the mirror. They also did not understand how to create their own style that reflect the values and is authentic to your overall brand.

Many business executives start their day feeling negative about themselves.

They want to keep up with what is “the norm” such as digitally edited people in social media posts or an overall corporate style. And this creates the a lack of diversity or variation (even to the point of boredom).

And it feels like everyone is a copy of each other (even if everybody type is entirely different).

Greet did see first hand the popularity of people desiring help with their wardrobe and overall brand appearance.

Therefore she created the “Rebrand Your Style”. The Rebrand Your Style Course aims to change the way people feel about themselves because happiness and confidence are essential to creating an amazing personal brand. And to stand out in a sea of ordinary, it is necessary to embrace the best version of yourself and present it to the world every day.

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